Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Ballard Power Systems has worked with Clayborn Lab for many years and we have come to respect their engineering and design capability. We have used Clayborn heat tape and heated hoses in our hydrogen fuel cell research and development work. The thermal solutions that the Clayborn engineers have designed for us have been a real asset in the commercialization of fuel cell products.

— Colin Redekop
Ballard Power Systems, Inc.,
Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Custom Tape Heaters

Full Customization

Clayborn Lab provides the thermal engineering necessary to produce a custom heater that meets your exact length, temperature, and wattage requirements. We work with customers to understand their heating challenges and have provided many innovative solutions for custom-designed tape heaters to be installed on vessels, tubing, flat heat sinks and other applications. The engineered tape heater is electrically terminated, sealed and ready to install. The custom package may contain fixed temperature thermostats, lead wires or plugs and is always tested by quality control prior to customer use. Custom heaters are generally manufactured in 3 business days after receipt of order and are a cost-effective method for prototypes and production heating.