Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Ballard Power Systems has worked with Clayborn Lab for many years and we have come to respect their engineering and design capability. We have used Clayborn heat tape and heated hoses in our hydrogen fuel cell research and development work. The thermal solutions that the Clayborn engineers have designed for us have been a real asset in the commercialization of fuel cell products.

— Colin Redekop
Ballard Power Systems, Inc.,
Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Custom Tape Heaters

Heat Tape

  -16 Series / Silicone PSA -28 Series / Acrylic PSA
  50 ft. roll 100 ft. roll 50 ft. roll 100 ft. roll
1/6” wide 1 conductor Call Call Call Call
1/4” wide 2 conductor Call Call Call Call
1/2” wide 4 conductor Call Call Call Call

To order: Specifty resistance code letter, Silicone or Acrylic and number of conductors (i.e. H-16-2, B-28-4). Quantity discounts on 500 or more feet of a single type.

Heated Sample Line

Every Clayborn Heated Sample Line is made to your exact specifications. Our engineers will work with you to design the most efficient and cost-effective HSL for your project. A variety of control options, insulation thicknesses, strain relief, indicator lights and outer coverings will create a custom manufactured heat traced line sure to meet your needs. Call for a quotation to be sure everything you require is built into your Clayborn heated sample line.

Custom Tape Heaters

4-Conductor Silicone Call
2-Conductor Silicone Call
4-Conductor Acrylic Call
2-Conductor Acrylic Call
1-Conductor Silicone Call
1-Conductor Acrylic Call
Add Thermostat Call
Thermostat – not installed Call
Double Dielectric Call
6-Wire Tape Call
Standard 2’ Leads – over 2’ Call

Rubber Sealant

2.8 oz Tube Call

Self fusing
Silicone Tape

2” x 12 yards Call


  1-99 Pieces 100-249 pieces
  Small* Large* Small* Large*
T-1 (1 lead wire) Call Call Call Call
T-2 (2 lead wires) Call Call Call Call

* When ordering, specify whether for large (16-20 gauge) or small (22-26 gauge) power lead wire. The necessary solderless crimp connectors for use with these terminals are included. Additional crimp connectors: #092 (22-26 gauge) or #345 (16-20 gauge) $0.50 each.

Overwrap / Heat Transfer Tape

  3/4" x 27 ft. 1 1/4" x 27 ft.
#7 Aluminum / Acrylic PSA Call Call
#8 Aluminum / Silicone PSA Call Call