Stringent Specifications Delivered Everytime

Clayborn Lab has provided electrical resistance heat tape to Japan Machinery for many years. They comply with our customer’s specifications and have consistent product quality.

— Mike Chew
Japan Machinery Company
Tokyo, Japan

Heat Tape

Heat Tape Accessories

Terminal Blocks

Made with RTV and attached to a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Remove the liner and press into line with your tape heater and make your connections.


  • Strain relief
  • Electrical connection
  • Electrical protection

Electrical Configurations

  • T-1 small or large for parallel connections
  • T-2 small or large for series/parallel connections


  • S = small (22-26 gauge leads)
  • L = large (16-20 gauge leads)

Heat Transfer Tape

  • Specific Widths: 1 1/4” (for 1/2” wide tape), 3/4” (for 1/4” wide tape)
  • Adhesives: Silicone for all other uses, Acrylic for vacuum
  • Holds flat surface and spiral wrap applications in place


Available fixed temperatures

• 25ºC • 40ºC • 80ºC • 150ºC
• 30ºC • 49ºC • 100ºC • 180ºC
• 35ºC • 60ºC • 120ºC  

Self Fusing Silicone Tape

  • Provides water-resistance
  • Helps to curb abrasion

Silicone Rubber Sealant

  • To seal end connections
  • Helps repel moisture

Cost-Effective Applications Include...

  • Custom Heat Tracing
  • Vessel Heat Tracing
  • In-place Tubular Heat Tracing
  • Flat Plate Heat Tracing
  • Freeze Protection
  • Viscosity Control
  • Instrument Heat Tracing
  • Research / Experimentation
  • Heat Chamber(s)
  • Aerospace Testing