Clayborn Lab and Aerospace

Lockheed Martin has been using Clayborn heat tape for 20+ years. It is a versatile thermal solution that is used in many aerospace applications today.

Matt Stout-Garcia
Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, CA

Heat Tape

16 Series Tape

Silicone adhesive for commercial/industrial applications with off-the-shelf availability

28 Series Tape

Acrylic adhesive for aerospace/vacuum applications with low outgassing requirements

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A Variety of Applications

Thermally conductive adhesive is the secret to Clayborn’s extraordinary heat transfer. Clayborn manufactures a thin, flexible, specific watt density heat tape in 1/2”, 1/4” and 1/6” widths that can achieve temperatures up to 500ºF. A wide range of resistances and input voltages allow precise tape selection by our engineers and off the shelf quick delivery for you. Custom tape heaters with leads are available as well as bulk rolls of 50’ or 100’. Clayborn Precision Heat Tape is used to heat flat surfaces, tubing and vessels in the aerospace, medical, food processing, instrumentation, and semiconductor industries.

Bulk Tape

For in place or do-it-yourself heat trace applications.

  • Most economical purchase option
  • Custom engineering available for your project
  • Large and small power lead termination kits available
  • 4 conductors (1/2” wide), 2 conductors (1/4“ wide), or single conductor (1/6” wide)
  • Tape rolls, available in 50’ or 100’ rolls
  • Silicone type heat tape is ready for off the shelf delivery
  • Acrylic type heat tape requires a 3-day lead time

Custom Heaters

Designed for your application.

  • Engineered to your desired length and wattage
  • Electrically terminated, sealed and tested
  • Ready to install; simply peel and stick
  • Easy application enhances installation
  • Fixed temperature thermostats available
  • 3 day lead time

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