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Satellites, Vacuum Chambers, Testing, Laboratory


Fuel Cell Development, Cold Chamber Testing


Concrete Curing, Ground Thaw, Hot Box Heater


Adhesive Application, Epoxy Transfer, 2-Part Spray


EPA-Required Testing, Solar, Biofuel Development, Diesel Emissions

Food Industry

Viscosity Control, Production Technology

Gas Samples

Emission Testing, Stack Samples, Analyzer Components, Field Tests


International Space Station, Meteorological Analysis


Machinery, Systems Engineering, Semiconductors


Thermal Testing, Non-Condensate, Instrumentation, Electron Microscopes


Flow Control, Instrumentation, Scientific Research, Optical Resolution


Production Machinery, R&D, Test


Train Car Defrost System, Aviation Freeze Protect, Tank Batteries


Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical

About Us

The Heart and Soul behind Clayborn Lab

Clayborn Lab’s electrical resistance heat tape, first developed for NASA in 1963, provided the necessary heat for space flight and satellite technology. Today, nearly every satellite orbiting the earth contains Clayborn’s space tape – a testimony to its durability and useful life.

Clayborn heated sample lines are lightweight heat traced tubing that offer both energy and cost efficient solutions to the stack sampling and pollution monitoring sectors.

Clients utilizing Clayborn products include Anadarko, M&C Tech Group, Air Hygiene, General Motors, DCP Midstream, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, NASA, Isro, Space Systems Loral, Caterpillar, Thermo Fisher Scientific, SGS, Ballard Power Systems, Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation, Boeing, Universities worldwide, US Military, Powell Electro Systems, Mechanical Equipment, Ecom America, Battelle Memorial Institute and hundreds of smaller companies that benefit from Clayborn’s 40+ years of experience in thermal applications.

1963 Vern Clayborn Pfanku, an M.I.T. grad, invents precision heat tape.
1965 Low outgassing acrylic heat tape launches with early NASA satellite.
1972 Rocket Research employs Clayborn Lab to create a classified heated project.
1980 First tubular application of heat tape to sniff life-threatening gases in Desert Storm
1989 Bob and Maureen Horvath purchase Clayborn Lab.
1992 First Heated Sample Line produced in long lengths.
1997 Bob invents and builds heat tape application machine to spin on continuous length of tubing.
2000 Air and Waste Management Trade Show puts Clayborn Heated Sample Line on the map as Duke Energy and others line up for the lightweight, efficient heated hoses for gas sampling and emission testing.
2009 Clayborn Lab manufacturing expands facility to allow for growth. Clayborn Lab moves into new manufacturing facility.
2013 Introduction of innovative "Tuff Guard" outer sheathing. This high strength extremely durable exterior cover offers superior heated sample line protection with one third less weight, setting a new standard in the marketplace.
2019 Justin and Amy Horvath purchase Clayborn Lab.