Engineering the Future of Technology

Ballard Power Systems has worked with Clayborn Lab for many years and we have come to respect their engineering and design capability. We have used Clayborn heat tape and heated hoses in our hydrogen fuel cell research and development work. The thermal solutions that the Clayborn engineers have designed for us have been a real asset in the commercialization of fuel cell products.

— Colin Redekop
Ballard Power Systems, Inc., Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Heated Sample Line

Heated Sample Line Accessories

Thermostats Available fixed temperatures

• 25ºC • 40ºC • 80ºC • 150ºC
• 30ºC • 49ºC • 100ºC • 180ºC
• 35ºC • 60ºC • 120ºC  

Thermocouples Available options

• J-type • K-type • T-type

Self Fusing Silicone Tape

Provides water-resistance Helps to curb abrasion

Options (add-ons/upgrades)

  • Additional Embedded Temperature Controls: Thermostats, thermocouples (multiple and/or varied locations), RTD's (resistance temperature detector/device), thermal cut-offs, etc...
  • Indicator Light: Shows heating cycles. Most tubes with lights are a self-regulating Heated Sample Line using a pre-set thermostat
  • Outer Nylon Braid: Increases scuff resistance and mobility of an Industrial Strength Heated Sample Line
  • Armored Ends: Increases durability of tubing ends and provides for easy replacement thereof. Instead of standard tubing being exposed at ends, tubing is captured into an end cap and mated to Stainless Steel fittings and tubing stubs. Tubing seal is checked by vacuum to ensure that no pressure leaks exist. Installed on Industrial Strength and Tuff Guard sample lines only.
  • Strain Relief: Adds a "handle" or "pulling location" to increase longevity of the Heated Sample Line and reduce strain on tubing ends & interior tubing components. Must have armored ends
  • Component Feed-Through: Air hoses, power buss wire, T/C signal/messenger wire, etc... Options allow for a complete package without the need for additional lines and/or cords running along length of Heated Sample Line

Cost-Effective Applications Include...

  • Stack Sampling
  • Gas Analysis
  • Viscous Chemicals
  • Adhesives
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Emissions
  • Foods
  • Freeze Protection
  • Lubricants
  • Viscosity Control