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How To

How to Install Terminals and Make Heating Tape Connections

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1. Push lead wires through terminal block holes. Strip lead wire ends and crimp butt connectors onto lead wires.

2. Split tape and open using tweezers. Dull tweezers are better than very sharp tweezers.

3. Cut back top and bottom laminations leaving wire ends exposed approx. 3/16" for small terminals and 1/4" for large terminals. Scrape enamel from wire ends using razor blade.

4. When using 4-wire tape in full series connection, crimp half of a #092 connector onto center 2 wires and trim short.

5. Crimp lead wires onto heaters. To avoid breaking, do not crimp heater wire too hard!

6. Strip paper liner back about 1" from tape lead end. Push terminal block over connectors.

7. Press heater tape onto self-adhesive terminal flap.

8. If desired, apply RTV Sealant (available from Clayborn) over terminal block end.